To begin this post, I would like to reiterate a post I made nearly 2 months ago.

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No bot, not even NeoBot, can be called 100% undetectable. Nobody knows how the system works so saying their bot is safe is misinforming the users.
What I will say is that I have taken the precautions to make sure that this bot is as undetectable as possible, and that it stays that way. I have made sure to make absolutely no mistakes, I've taken my time, and I mostly allow Tibia to do everything for me(making it safer).

I wont promise its safe, but I will tell you that I trust it enough to use it on my main characters
I have said time and time again that I will not promise my bot is safe, and yet this last banwave has sent people crying about how I misinformed them. I'm sorry, but this is not the case. In fact, from this banwave we have learned 4 things:

  1. Injecting into the client has nothing to do with bans
  2. No matter what bot you use, you are not safe - however, some bots are safer than others
  3. "Safe Bots" are nothing but irritating pieces of software which obscure your ability to play by hijacking your mouse and keyboard. We know now that they are not truly safe.
  4. There are many bots that are safe in creation, but used dangerously. These include NeoBot, TUGBot and XenoBot. (Nothing else was created evasively for this system) It is not these bots that get you banned, but how you use them.

#1: Supporting facts

  • NeoBot was also taken out in the last wave. This means that there must be some server side detection which uses heuristic pattern recognizing algorithms in order to detect non-human actions. This means that if they have a working server sided system, they really have no reason to create a much harder client side detection system.
  • Creating a system to detect injected and modified code would be very tricky -- they would have to find a way to send this information to the server without bot programmers noticing. Every update, I look at every function which calls the winsock send function, and nothing I have found to date has been suspiciously sending data to Cipsoft.
  • Many different programs use global hooks or injected DLL's on all open processes in order to achieve certain results. ObjectDock, for example, is a program which creates Mac-like docks on the desktop for icons. to handle the mouse, it injects code into every process to watch the mouses actions within that process. Another example would be a virus which may inject code into running programs in order to try and steal your personal data or manipulate your computer.

#2: Supporting facts

  • NeoBot falsely promised its users safety, and some still got banned.
  • Bots like NeoBot, TUGBot, and XenoBot still protect against creating impossible packets and make sure that performed actions are possible without a bot attached. That makes these pieces of software MUCH HARDER to detect.

#3: Supporting facts

  • No body likes having to leave Tibia maximized to bot, and Nobody likes the way "Safe Bots" hijack their mouse and keyboard. It is irritating, and can often leave you dead in situations where you could have lived if you didn't have a bot that was acting equivalent to a 5 year old brother randomly smashing keys on your keyboard.
  • Look at supporting facts for point #1. Tibia doesn't send data telling the server if its minimized or not, or if anything is injected into it. This means that using actual mouseclicks and keystrokes is just an annoying way of doing what XenoBot does, and is not any safer.

#4: Supporting facts

  • While people have been banned from use of all bots, there are also many intensive botters who have never been touched - and never will be. This is because they make proper use of their software, and they do not bot suspiciously. Below, I will outline pointers and tips about how you can avoid banishments and still get the most out of any bot.

Botting Safety Tips

  1. Never bot afk. There is evidence that Cipsoft still has CM's checking up on botters on the down-low, so being at the computer at all times can save you if one comes looking for you. On top of that, you are less likely to be reported if you respond to players.
  2. Spread out your botting sessions and mix up your play. It is very possible and probable that cipsoft has created AI algorithms to detect bot-like behavior. However, due to their lack of resources and current disadvantages of AI technology, you can ea slily throw these functions off by mixing in some human action. For instance, I used to bot stone tomb on my 76 RP. After I used 50 spears, I would go manually do two tasks at energy elementals before going back to stone tomb.
  3. Verify your settings. Don't walk around on a paladin trying to spam exori flam at constant intervals, or walk around on a knight trying to chug great mana potions. Most bots nowadays randomize when they heal, but only when successful. An unsuccessful attempt, however, results in another attempt at a set interval. Continuously doing this can be detected as suspicious behavior.
  4. Do not talk about botting in game, even if its in a private message to a trusted person. For all you know, cipsoft can be searching logs for people talking about botting.
  5. Bot dynamically. Don't use scripts that always deposit with systematic methods. Always withdrawing an exact amount of gold, buying everything in certain order, and throwing items in depot the exact same way is suspicious. I've used NeoBot, and its not hard to randomly decide whether to go to the bank or depot first. Its also not hard to move your items to depot randomly, or to buy supplies in different orders. You may spend extra time making your scripts, but in the long run you get to keep your character.
  6. Use good scripts. Sitting with no gold on a boat and spamming "hi thais yes" for 2 hours is a sure fire way to get banned. So is constantly using your rope on a shovel hole, continuously going in and out of a yalahari gate, or trying to open a depot that is blocked by another player. There is literally a million examples of this, so use discretion and common sense when botting, and always extensively test scripts before you take your eyes off of them.
  7. Keep a realistic timeline. Nobody can play 12 hours a day for a week strait hunting the same monsters with the same methods. Don't bot the same character for more than 35 hours each week, and never more than 10 hours at once - no matter how dynamic your scripts are.
  8. You are the player and the bot is the helper, never vice-versa. Remember who created the character. YOU DID. Your bot didn't. Don't expect it to play the game for you all of the time. If you created a character just to bot your way to the top, then you can expect to get banned. However, if you just use your bot to help you keep up with all of the no-lifers out there and you still spend hours of playtime doing quests, pking, or talking to friends on team hunts, then you have a lot lower chance of getting banned.

Using common sense, following these tips, and using the right bot can help you stay safe. No one can ensure your safety, but more than the majority of people who follow these tips have stayed safe - and you can too!