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Thread: How To Download Scripts

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    How To Download Scripts

    Hi - so I noticed some people were having issues with getting scripts for OX Scripts. I have made a tutorial which you can see below! I hope it can help you find your way around. If you need some assistance feel free to ask and I will do my best to help you.

    Note: You must have an active XenoBot subscription.

    Step 1. Open Tibia Client.

    Step 2. Open XenoSuite and inject Xenobot.

    Step 3. Click the 'Get Scripts' button.

    Step 4. Select the script you would like.

    Step 5. Click the 'Download' button and wait for the script to download. It will display a message similar to mine. 'Downloaded [EK] Darashia Far West Rotworms...'

    Step 6. 'Launch' the script so it is already executed when you login or click 'Ok' to save it for later.

    Really simple once you get the hang of it! To edit script settings, they are in the same place as they were before. Documents -> Xenobot -> Configs.

    You will need to have ran the script at least 1 time for this to appear.
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