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Thread: Xenobot Mobile - Fastest way to check your character.

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    Xenobot Mobile - Fastest way to check your character.

    Long time ago, i was publish xenobot mobile thread, but i wasnt have time to end this.
    Now i catch sense and do something.
    First Questions:
    Why you did it , as well we can use normal browser to do this?
    -The answer is in this video :

    Yes, she is my girlfriend
    -2 Seconds to the timer for chrome(for the first 2 seconds of film i testing it works so sorry for that)
    I know the timer should stop when monitor open, but its my mistake.
    I know you caught the moment when the mobile app>browser.
    Why the .apk isnt on google play?
    -Google Play want to pay fee 25$, so i decided to add one banner and when
    i earn 25$ i will add it on google play service.
    I dont know you. Can i trust it?
    -Application using only WebView to catch monitor. So it need only internet acces nothing more.
    Code you can see there:
    Java Code
    XML Code
    Some screenshots:

    *If you log in and have only forums view, then home and open app again.

    [email protected][paypal]
    [Ask for others methods]

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    Succesyfull bought acc from @dat_ozun
    Succesyfull sold tibia coins to @J.Dre(tottaly trusted)

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    Nice one dude!!

    Maybe I can advert myself there Kappa

    Remember that the official XenoBot page is www.xenobot.net not xeno-bot.net or similar

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