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    << Application >> Never

    Hello Xenobot community and moderators

    As everyone probably knows by now, Neobot is dying and the forums will likely die too. While I truly enjoyed my time with that community, I am also excited to move on and and tread new ground.

    I am 19 years old and am currently attending University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) studying business economics. During in the first quarter of my freshman year that I discovered botting/reselling gold could be profitable and possibly help pay some of the bills. From there, I opened a shop on Neobot forums and quickly gained reputation as a seller. Over the next several months, I moved on to start a middle man service and directly sold high level accounts to several members of the community (all of this is documented). More importantly, I found a great to place chat and enjoy some (sometimes pointless ) discussions / debates.

    Some qualities i possess that I believe will make me a good moderator:
    ~Well Spoken

    All in all, I gained a lot of trust there and I will continue to foster the friendships I made. I think many people would agree that I would make a good moderator and I hope you will consider my application.

    Thank you for time,


    ~~~~ Links ~~~~

    Neobot Forum Gold Thread
    Xenobot Forum Gold Shop
    Unfortunately, because char trade was locked on neobot forums, I cannot link you my middleman service.
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